Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To the studs

Week two of the kitchen renovation takes us to the studs.  It has been a very messy week, yet I am so glad to see all the old stuff gone.

Gone is the ancient double oven which was the only original appliance we did not replace when we first moved in to the house 18 years ago.  The oven must have been at least 40 years old.  Every Thanksgiving I was waiting for it to die on me.  But it never did.  Pretty good endorsement when a product outlives the company that produced it…good work MasterChef.

These windows will be replaced with a door leading out to a very pretty backyard.

Walls moved to allow for a larger walkway into the kitchen from family room
Wall shared with dinning room.  Debated opening this up more but then I would lose all wall space.  I still need wall space to hang pictures.

 Of course, no renovation is without some discovery.  We didn't find money stashed in the walls, but we did find a long lost ladle.

Mystery solved, Kersten.

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