Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We're in a bit of a holding pattern.  The sink we want is on back order.  Without the sink, the template for the counter tops can't be created.  So, we have to wait.

While we're waiting, we are cleaning up and preparing the walls for tile backsplash.  Good time, schedule wise, to also begin digging the holes for the foundation posts needed to build the back steps.  Unfortunately, a heat wave has hit.  It is hot, back breaking work….but the guys got it done.  Meanwhile, the garden continues to grow.  Time to harvest the Garlic Scapes.

Grill scapes with cherry tomatoes, olive oil and kosher salt

Create a salad by adding baby arugula.  Also good with over pasta.

Here is how the kitchen looks with cabinets installed, walls painted and prepped, sawdust swept away...

Waiting for counter tops
Waiting for butcher block top for center island
Kitchen is beginning to look light and airy.  I can't wait for this all to be completed!!!

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