Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kitchen Renovation

Finally!  We are finally going to renovate the kitchen.

I've always believed that a truly skilled cook can cook in any space, with or without fancy gadgets.  Over the years, I've successfully turned out some great meals from a tiny galley on a very small sailboat and odd shaped apartment kitchens with limited appliances. So preparing meals, day in and day out, from an old, tired 1960 era kitchen hasn't been hard.  But it hasn't always been fun either.

We've renovated the bathrooms, the master bedroom, the family room and added a pretty fancy barn with loft.  Then all the kids left home.  Time now for the kitchen.

Kitchen before demolition
A horrible floor…layers of ugly linoleum…now gone!

Watch this space as walls come down and the transformation begins…

Window turns into a door, space replaced with new range vented to outside.
First course of action:  store away everything from both kitchen and adjoining rooms.  Demo dust will carry all over the house.

Second step:  make sure the grill has plenty of propane since it will now be the main cooking appliance.
I'll keep you posted on progress, sharing insight as we go along.  Stay tuned.