Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moving right along

Everyday there is progress.  Installing cabinets takes time and patience.  Anticipate another couple of days before all cabinets are installed and secured.  Here is what the kitchen currently looks like…

Once installation of cabinets is completed, work will begin on the counter top.  Still waiting for the new sink to arrive so a correct template can be created.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flooring Installed

This week's progress:  hardwood floors were installed.  Room is really starting to shape up, yet still looks like just a room.  The cabinets were delivered today and will be installed next week.  Expect next week's photos to begin to really look like a kitchen.

Hardwood planks installed, sanded, and one coat of polyurethane applied.  After everything is installed (cabinets, island, appliances, counter tops, tile backsplash) and walls are painted…meaning EVERYTHING is completed… another coat of polyurethane will be applied.  Then, we will really be done.  ETA:  another 3 weeks.

So, what is one to do while waiting for floors to dry?  Go to the beach, of course.

Enjoyed a lovely day at Groton Long Point, visiting relatives where I finished reading Barbara Delinsky's latest book, Sweet Salt Air.  A story about old friends spending a summer together, on an island off the coast of Maine.  One a travel writer and the other a food blogger.  They spend the summer working on a cookbook about island food.  Really got me in the mood to get back to working on my own cookbook - a collection of family favorite recipes.  Can't wait to have my kitchen completed!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watching Plaster Dry

Another busy week for the kitchen renovation.  Blue board was installed one day, then the plastering was completed the following day.  Now, we wait for plaster to dry.  All this work and the kitchen still looks like just a room.  But we know that behind the walls is new framing, new wiring, new insulation.
After the blue board, plaster was applied.  Waiting for plaster to dry
Before plaster but after blue board
Blue board
Once the plaster is dry we can move on to the next step.  Hardwood Flooring.  The wood needs to acclimate to the environment so it will "rest" in the house before installation.  Once that is accomplished, floor is installed with one layer of polyurethane applied.  This will pose our first real dilemma.

Both the kitchen and front hallway will get a new floor.  Since this area is centrally located we will be limited in our access to other parts of the house.  Upstairs bedrooms will no longer be accessible.  Looks like we will be hanging out in the family room, together, for a few days.  Cozy!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inspections Completed and Passed

Apologies to my many followers…realize I'm a bit late with my "weekly" update on the Kitchen Renovation.  Took a trip to Savannah last week for K's graduation from SCAD.  Congratulations!!!

Okay, now back to the renovation.  Once the first stage electrical and plumbing was completed, inspections were required.  This process can often slow down a project due to schedules.  Best to make sure the work is completed before you call in the inspectors.  Last thing you want is to have them show up and the job wasn't quite completed.
Now that our inspections are completed and passed, the insulation was installed.

New insulation installed in walls and ceiling
Attic view

After insulation is completed, another building inspection is required. Inspector arrived today and signed off on the great job … completed by a newbie Dad and son team!

Next week:  Blue board to be installed on walls and ceiling and plaster applied.  Add on a few extra days for plaster to dry.

The question I am often asked is…"how do you function without a kitchen?"  Our solution was to set up a dinning and prep area in a corner of the family room.  Cooking on outside gas grill.

Microwave, coffee pot and toaster…what more does one need?
Biggest hardship…no dishwashing machine.  Temporary washing station set up in the laundry room.