Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let the Rebuilding Begin

It may not look like a lot of changes occurred this past week but the kitchen is now ready to be re-built. This past week the carpenters finished with the framing, installed the new back door, and completed outside siding.  The electricians tore out all the old wiring and put in new wiring for new lights, wall sockets, TV/Internet, etc.  Plumbers relocated the pipes for the sink, gas line for the stove, etc.
New back door, framing for venting system, relocated gas line for stove
Everything had to be brought up to code.  Its important to have an architect/designer who knows current code requirements so placement can be reflected in the initial design.  This avoids having your electrician or plumber showing up and saying…"sorry, but the latest code won't allow us to do it that way."  We had a well thought out plan so the work was completed with minimal changes.  Lucky for me, my architect lives onsite so all questions/concerns could be dealt with quickly.
Relocating sink and dishwasher to this wall

Location of refrigerator and pantry cabinets (internet router to be stored at top)

A fun new addition is a wall mounted TV which will allow me to watch the news or a ballgame while making dinner.

Wall mount for TV, embedded box for cable
The back patio will need to be rebuilt this summer along with adding some back stairs.  A good summer project to encourage father/son bonding.  Hopefully we'll finally be able to sit around the fire pit this year.

View from the backyard

View from backyard, showing door to family room on left

Now we wait for then various building inspectors to arrive to review the electrical work and the new plumbing.  Once all is approved and signed off on the insulation work can begin.  After that will be the plastering.  Scheduling all the various contractors can be tricky and this is the part that slows down most renovation work.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Windows

Week three brings us to the installation of new windows and the backdoor.  Since last week, all of the old plaster and old insulation from the ceiling was removed.  A lot of time spent with clean up in an attempt to keep the plaster dust under control.  To avoid dragging plaster dust particles all through the house, use one set of shoes for walking through construction area and another set for walking around rest of the house.

Goal: frame and replace a window each day.  Old Anderson windows, originally over the sink, now replaced with a new Marvin casement window.  Double windows removed to make way for new door and window.

Second Marvin casement window installed.  Plywood covering space reserved for the new back entry door.
While center (retaining) wall was being trimmed to make for a larger entrance to the kitchen, decided to also correct headroom at the stairs.  It didn't bother us girls, but the men in the family found the low ceiling annoying.  The crazy stairway design seemed geared for people under 5' 10".
This is the view from the new kitchen doorway, looking towards front of house.  Goal:  allow more light into kitchen.  Front of house faces south.  Plan is to eventually replace front door with a glass entry door.
Better view of enlarged kitchen entrance.  Refrigerator will be located on the right (where the white fan is currently). Wing wall still to be built.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To the studs

Week two of the kitchen renovation takes us to the studs.  It has been a very messy week, yet I am so glad to see all the old stuff gone.

Gone is the ancient double oven which was the only original appliance we did not replace when we first moved in to the house 18 years ago.  The oven must have been at least 40 years old.  Every Thanksgiving I was waiting for it to die on me.  But it never did.  Pretty good endorsement when a product outlives the company that produced it…good work MasterChef.

These windows will be replaced with a door leading out to a very pretty backyard.

Walls moved to allow for a larger walkway into the kitchen from family room
Wall shared with dinning room.  Debated opening this up more but then I would lose all wall space.  I still need wall space to hang pictures.

 Of course, no renovation is without some discovery.  We didn't find money stashed in the walls, but we did find a long lost ladle.

Mystery solved, Kersten.