Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally, the sink arrived.  Then it was promptly sent away to the counter folks.  I probably mentioned before that the sink was needed to create the counter template.  This ensures that the stone is cut correctly.  It wasn't long before all was returned and the counters were installed.  Yeah!!!

Our counters are Quartz Engineered Stone in the color:  Nougat.  Very easy to keep clean and maintain while the light color brightens up the kitchen.  They look great.

Just before the counters were installed, the father-son team of A&E (with a little help from K) installed the Hood Fan.

Next up:  installing the tile backsplash.  There will be white tiles with a few yellow accent tiles behind the range.  Behind the sink there will be white tiles with a few blue accent tiles.  All colors and tile designs have been previously approved by the artist in residency…Miss K.

Hunter Appliance will soon deliver the new appliances - range, dishwasher and refrigerator.  Then our electrician and our plumber will return to install the appliances.  I can hardly wait!!!

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