Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The end is in site.  Since last post, tile work was completed, the electricians returned to install all of the overhead lighting, outlets and wall switches.

I love pears.  Of all the fruits, pears are my favorite.  Many of my favorite still life paintings have a pear in them, somewhere.  My most prized possession is a set of original pear sketches by an up and coming artist.  Therefore, the theme for my new kitchen will be "Pears."

The father/daughter team of A&K finished up work on the tile this week.  Having two perfectionists working side-by-side, grouting in silence, was an interesting site.  Results were great.  Even the electricians commented that it was one of the best tiling jobs they've seen.

A water theme over the sink…blue tiles
A heat them over the range…yellow tiles
Butcher block counter top still needs to be sized to fit the island.  Appliances will be delivered in a few days from Hunter Appliance.  Later this week the plumber returns to hook up the gas range, install the sink and faucets, install the dishwasher and hook up the ice maker in the refrigerator.

I'm already dreaming about what the first thing I will make in my new kitchen.  Having just seen the movie, Labor Day, I'm leaning towards making a pie…using my new butcher block island.

Did you know that the house Kate Winslet's character lives in is located in my town?  The house is just a few streets away.  Of course, the house has been totally renovated now and doesn't look anything like it did in the movie.

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