Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inspections Completed and Passed

Apologies to my many followers…realize I'm a bit late with my "weekly" update on the Kitchen Renovation.  Took a trip to Savannah last week for K's graduation from SCAD.  Congratulations!!!

Okay, now back to the renovation.  Once the first stage electrical and plumbing was completed, inspections were required.  This process can often slow down a project due to schedules.  Best to make sure the work is completed before you call in the inspectors.  Last thing you want is to have them show up and the job wasn't quite completed.
Now that our inspections are completed and passed, the insulation was installed.

New insulation installed in walls and ceiling
Attic view

After insulation is completed, another building inspection is required. Inspector arrived today and signed off on the great job … completed by a newbie Dad and son team!

Next week:  Blue board to be installed on walls and ceiling and plaster applied.  Add on a few extra days for plaster to dry.

The question I am often asked is…"how do you function without a kitchen?"  Our solution was to set up a dinning and prep area in a corner of the family room.  Cooking on outside gas grill.

Microwave, coffee pot and toaster…what more does one need?
Biggest hardship…no dishwashing machine.  Temporary washing station set up in the laundry room.

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