Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watching Plaster Dry

Another busy week for the kitchen renovation.  Blue board was installed one day, then the plastering was completed the following day.  Now, we wait for plaster to dry.  All this work and the kitchen still looks like just a room.  But we know that behind the walls is new framing, new wiring, new insulation.
After the blue board, plaster was applied.  Waiting for plaster to dry
Before plaster but after blue board
Blue board
Once the plaster is dry we can move on to the next step.  Hardwood Flooring.  The wood needs to acclimate to the environment so it will "rest" in the house before installation.  Once that is accomplished, floor is installed with one layer of polyurethane applied.  This will pose our first real dilemma.

Both the kitchen and front hallway will get a new floor.  Since this area is centrally located we will be limited in our access to other parts of the house.  Upstairs bedrooms will no longer be accessible.  Looks like we will be hanging out in the family room, together, for a few days.  Cozy!

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