Saturday, August 30, 2014

Done! Finished! Project Completed!!!

I know I said a month ago that the end was in site.  Well, it was in site.  It just took a little bit longer to finalize.  Building inspectors deserve to take a vacation,  I suppose.  All is well that ends well.  And, this project ended extremely well!

My new kitchen!!!

The original kitchen had no access to the backyard.  In the new kitchen there is now a door leading out to the back patio.  Sink and dishwasher were moved to the inside wall.  New duel fuel KitchenAid range was placed against outside wall.

The new set up allows for uninterrupted cooking.  Traffic flow is diverted outside of cooking area.

With the sink and dishwasher located on inside wall, near entrance to kitchen, others can prep food, wash up, etc. without disturbing the person in the cooking area.

Wall pantry provides good storage and hides all the mess.

It has been an incredible journey these past few months.  I am thankful for my wonderful architect-husband who designed the new kitchen and provided a lot of sweat equity, my Mom for her support, and my kids for their encouragement and patience.  We survived…

Now its time to get back to cooking!

Appliances from Hunter Appliance, Cabinets from World of Kitchens, Inc, Flooring by Ming's Hardwood Floor.

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