Sunday, May 1, 2011

Up for a Challenge

Every now and then it is good to challenge yourself. I was in the mood to make something complicated but nothing too wild that no one would eat it. While browsing through a recent edition of Cook's Illustrated I found my challenge. What could be more intimidating than Boston Cream Pie? I had all the ingredients and most of the equipment. But did I have the stamina, skill and time to do it?

I gathered my ingredients, cleared my space and embarked on my adventure....
The recipe was broken down into three manageable parts. As with most complicated recipes it is not any one specific task which does you in...but rather when you have to pull them all together. I studied the recipe and first made the pastry cream.

Recipe advised refrigerating at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours. Wow...did I have that much time? I opted for the 2 hours...mistake. Pastry cream needed much more time.
Next came the cake. A very straight forward recipe. Easy to make. Excellent result.

Things were going along well until it came time to assemble the cake. I definitely advise reviewing the video to be sure you know what consistency the cream filling should be. My filling was too runny. But, since I had started to assemble I needed to move along and start the Glaze, after first chopping up the chocolate.
By this time it is getting late in the day. My husband and son roamed in and out of the kitchen (it smelled wonderful) wanting to know when it would be ready to eat. I explained that the pie would still need another 3 hours to refrigerate, to which my husband mumbled something about just buy one at the store...obviously missing the whole point!

So, over 10 hours later we had a Boston Cream Pie which may not have looked as pretty as it could but most certainly tasted better than any store bought one!!! A very satisfying challenge.

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